The beautiful blue-eyed boy

Although this blog is about breast cancer, we cannot forget that there are different types of cancer to be aware of as well.

And September is child cancer awareness month.
Last week I happened to come across a YouTube video of Taylor Swift singing a new song. I frequently complain of how I am sick of Taylor Swift being everywhere (mostly I’m just jealous of her life) but I still manage to click on new videos that surface. In this case, I am glad i did. It was a video of her performing on Stand Up to Cancer and she was singing a new song called Ronan. As I hit play I noticed she wasn’t her bubbly self and I listened closely to the words that flowed out between her pink lips.
“I remember your bare feet, Down the hallway. I remember your little laugh, Race cars on the kitchen floor. Plastic dinosaurs, I love you to the moon and back. “
Suddenly the vision I had of Taylor started getting cloudy and I felt the knot in my throat start to form. I soon realized this song was about a child and sadness crept over me for the next four minutes. I laid there on my bed mesmerized with the song and the words she used that created this colorful picture in my mind. Finally during her last few moments on stage there appeared the most beautiful blue-eyed boy in a picture behind her.
I couldn’t believe his eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and there was something about him that was different. This little guy was a gorgeous child and I hate cancer.
A couple of days later, I was on WordPress looking through the popular blogs and I happened to read a link to one that was titled, “Hey Maya, It’s Taylor”, so I clicked it.
The page loaded and there on my screen was the beautiful blue-eyed boy again and I realized this was his mother’s blog. I found out that she has had her blog since August 2010 and that is how Taylor Swift discovered her and their story.
I read the most recent post first. Then, I read all the way back to her very first post and jumped around reading… and reading… and reading. There were so many different emotions I felt through Maya’s words and truly enjoyed the cute stories about her little love, Ronan. I found myself so consumed in Maya’s blog. No wonder Taylor Swift wrote a song for him. She was consumed like me. Even I wanted to write a song for little Ronan. Not only did I want to write a song for him, I wanted to hug him and protect him from evil cancer. That evil bastard!  Through her every day posts I felt such sorrow for this family. They didn’t deserve to go through this horrible experience like my family once did. No one deserves the pain and heart-break. With reading through her life in her blog, I laughed and cried. I wiped tears from my eyes like I knew this little boy and I could feel the pain from her stories. I could also feel the strength this little boy had inside of him. He was the cutest and so very strong. His strength for being three years old and fighting so hard blows me away. Not only was he a fighter, but his mother was a fighter as well.
While I read Maya’s blog I realized that this woman is something else. The strength that she has is rare and she is incredible. I could not imagine what it would feel like to lose a child (as I don’t have children yet). I felt as though I was right there with her in their home when she couldn’t get out of bed or watching her lay with Ronan in the hospital, whispering in his ear. Her strength to continue to be a parent to her other two children and a friend to those around her is so inspiring. Everything I learned about life during my mother’s battle with breast cancer was reinforced from their story. There are lessons to learn from Ronan. No one should ever take their lives for granted for we never know when it will end.
I continued to click around from August 2010 to October 2010 to January 2011 to April 2011 and then finally May 2011. Just by coincidence the first post I read in May was titled, “Where’s Ronan?” And I then learned Ronan passed away. Her blog sounded like a heart wrenching movie script that we both wish was just a movie. Maya, more so I’m sure. After reading the last words of that blog, I felt mad and fearful.
I thought of how happy and healthy Ronan looked in those photos and I was suddenly scared about my future children. I thought of how messed up cancer is. How dare this piece of shit frighten me about having children. How dare this piece of shit freak me out about breast cancer and forcing me to feel my breasts all the time. How dare this piece of shit steal lives of so many people and innocent children like Ronan.
When will it stop?!
It HAS to stop.
Until then,
there is only education and awareness for prevention.
Maya still continues to fight for the lives of other children faced with cancer and has created The Ronan Thompson Foundation. It is a foundation to help with the fight against Neuroblastoma.

Please donate, rock a Ronan bracelet, or just educate yourself about Neuroblastoma at Ronan’s website below…

You may just surprise yourself with how much you will learn from this little four-year old boy.

The beautiful blue-eyed boy,


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